[Question] What Software Should Exist?

I recently listened to an interview with Liron Shapira—whose first startup achieved a huge valuation and then came to nothing. And he was blunt in mentioning it failed because it wasn’t useful for any single person.

They had an abstract idea of something that seemed exciting and didn’t check to see if it was of much use to any single individual. He claimed many startups fail this way, and most founders would probably be much better off finding one person and trying to build something they find helpful enough to use regularly—and then expand from there.

Conditional on this being true, individuals who long for non-existent software are highly undervalued! So please post requests for software that does not exist but you think would be of great immediate value to you.

And if we get enough posts, perhaps some devs will actually implement some. And who knows, maybe we can nucleate a startup or two!