[Question] Are we certain that gpt-2 and similar algorithms are not self-aware?

Have some­one even started this con­ver­sa­tion? This is f*cked up. I’m re­ally, re­ally freaked out lately with some of those. https://​​old.red­dit.com/​​r/​​SubSi­mu­la­torGPT2/​​com­ments/​​cbauf3/​​i_am_an_ai/​​

And I read up a lot about cog­ni­tion and AI, and I’m pretty cer­tain that they are not. But shouldn’t we give it a lot more con­sid­er­a­tion just be­cause there’s a small chance they are? Be­cause the ram­ifi­ca­tions are that dire.

But then again, I’m not sure that knowl­edge will help us in any way.

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