Solstice Album Crowdfunding

For sev­eral years, peo­ple have been singing songs at Sols­tice, and some of those songs have been recorded, but always as a live perfor­mance which means the qual­ity isn’t as good and the mu­si­ci­ans are record­ing-in-one-take-that-in­cludes-all-mis­takes.

So, I’m fi­nally putting to­gether a pro­fes­sional Sols­tice Album. I recorded an ini­tial 12 songs for $8,000 (pay­ing for mu­si­ci­ans and stu­dio time), re­cently recorded an­other few songs for $2,000. Ideally I’d like at least a bit more stu­dio time to layer in some more vo­cal tracks so that 23 of the songs aren’t just me singing.

The IndieGogo cam­paign is here. Since I’ve already spent a bunch of money, it’s a flex­ible fund cam­paign (how­ever much we raise, the album will still come out, and I’ll get re­im­bursed or what­ever peo­ple put it). But the more we raise the higher qual­ity the songs will be end up be­ing and the more likely I’ll be to take on similar pro­jects in the fu­ture.

If you choose the Early Ac­cess tier and I know who you are (in par­tic­u­lar, I have your email), I’ll send you a link to the google drive folder with the rough cuts as soon as I can, rather than wait­ing till af­ter the IndieGogo wraps up.

The Songs

Th­ese are the songs that are already recorded and guaran­teed to be in the album. Some of them have links to snip­pets so that you can hear what the in­stru­men­ta­tion is like:

There will be bonus tracks available at higher tiers that in­clude rough record­ings of some of the off-beat silly songs or songs that get sug­gested by peo­ple on the “sug­gest a song” tier.

The bonus tracks will also in­clude in­stru­men­tal ver­sions of most songs so that peo­ple can sing along karaoke style, or use the back­ing-track for their own Sols­tice events if their com­mu­nity doesn’t have mu­si­ci­ans.

Suggest a Bonus Song

Higher level tiers in­clude “Suggest a Bonus Song” and “Costly Sig­nal a Bonus Song”. Th­ese do not guaran­tee a par­tic­u­lar bonus song, be­cause things are ex­pen­sive and the world is com­pli­cated and the cam­paign might not even re­cover the money to pay the ex­ist­ing ex­penses.

How­ever, if there is a lot of sup­port for a par­tic­u­lar song get­ting in­cluded I will do my best to at least get a rough record­ing of it done, and in gen­eral, I will pri­ori­tize the bonus songs that got Sig­naled Hardest.

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