Help Roko become a better rationalist!

Last time, I wrote about 11 core rationalist skills. Now I would like some help from the LW community: which of these skills am I good at, which ones am I bad at? Just to recap, the skills are:

  • Actually want an accurate map

  • Keep your eyes on the prize

  • Entangle yourself with the evidence

  • Be Curious

  • Aumann-update

  • Know standard Biases

  • Know Probability theory

  • Know your own mind

  • Be well calibrated

  • Use analytic philosophy

  • Resist Thoughtcrime

I’ll post a description of each one of these skills as a comment, and if you think I am good at that skill, vote it up. If you think I am bad at it, vote it down. Don’t be too shy—even if you are biased or uncertain—because over the course of many votes, these biases and errors will cancel out to some extent. (This is the “guess the number of beans in a jar by asking 50 people to guess and taking the average” method)

EDIT: We can also comment on each rationalist skill to say how well I am doing at that skill. Later today, I will do this myself.

Thanks in advance!