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I’ve cre­ated a new web­site for my ebook Fac­ing the In­tel­li­gence Ex­plo­sion:

Some­time this cen­tury, ma­chines will sur­pass hu­man lev­els of in­tel­li­gence and abil­ity, and the hu­man era will be over. This will be the most im­por­tant event in Earth’s his­tory, and nav­i­gat­ing it wisely may be the most im­por­tant thing we can ever do.

Lu­mi­nar­ies from Alan Tur­ing and Jack Good to Bill Joy and Stephen Hawk­ing have warned us about this. Why do I think they’re right, and what can we do about it?

Fac­ing the In­tel­li­gence Ex­plo­sion is my at­tempt to an­swer those ques­tions.

This page is the ded­i­cated dis­cus­sion page for Fac­ing the In­tel­li­gence Ex­plo­sion.

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Re: From Skep­ti­cism to Tech­ni­cal Rationality

Here, Luke ne­glects to men­tion that...