[Question] Does the 14-month vaccine safety test make sense for COVID-19?

I was first won­der­ing why, if we keep hear­ing about teams rapidly gen­er­at­ing vac­cines for COVID-19, the com­mon wis­dom is that it will take 18 months to start vac­ci­nat­ing at a large scale.

Turns out that the scal­ing up takes a few months, but the real blocker is the Phase 1 trial, which re­quires mon­i­tor­ing pa­tient health for 14 months af­ter vac­ci­na­tion.

Doesn’t it seem like the cost-benefit anal­y­sis changes a bit if we’re in the midst of a pan­demic? Wouldn’t it be worth cut­ting it down to e.g. 3 months be­fore at least vac­ci­nat­ing the high­est-risk pop­u­la­tions? Is any­one offi­cial even think­ing about this?