Suggestion: New material shouldn’t be released too fast

Three se­quences on AI Safety were re­cently re­leased. I’d sug­gest that in gen­eral it is prob­a­bly bet­ter when new ma­te­rial isn’t re­leased that fast. Those se­quences are quite tech­ni­cal so each post re­quires a rea­son­able amount of time to be in­vested. This means:

  • There is more psy­cholog­i­cal pres­sure to read each post quickly rather than tak­ing the time to un­der­stand and in­ter­nal­ise the ideas

  • There are less com­ments be­cause keep­ing up with the posts re­duces the time peo­ple have to write com­ments and if you’re be­hind, by the time you catch up there’s less value writ­ing a com­ment as less peo­ple will see it

This isn’t a par­tic­u­larly im­por­tant post, just feed­back for the fu­ture.