Notification update and PM fixes

Hey ev­ery­one,

I just pushed an up­date that changes the lay­out of the no­tifi­ca­tions sec­tion to some­thing that should be sig­nifi­cantly eas­ier to nav­i­gate (and af­ter we’ve seen it work well for a few days, we will also add a small num­ber next to the bell-icon that tells you how many un­read no­tifi­ca­tions you have).

I’ve also fixed the pri­vate mes­sag­ing sys­tem to now be func­tional, though still hor­rible on many di­men­sions. But at least peo­ple should now get no­tifi­ca­tions if you send them mes­sages, and ac­tu­ally be able to see your mes­sages.

I’ve also fixed a bunch of bugs that caused com­ments to ap­pear on the wrong post. Sorry for any­one who was af­fected by that.

Let us know if you run into any prob­lems, this was a pretty ma­jor up­date be­hind the scenes, so there is a higher than nor­mal chance that some­thing broke some­where.