Events in Daily?

I’m in the pro­cess of re­fac­tor­ing how we han­dle the de­fault posts view. The core goal was to im­ple­ment some anti-spam fea­tures into it. But it high­lighted some odd­ness in how we’re cur­rently fil­ter­ing things.

I wanted to check how this might effect peo­ple on GreaterWrong, and peo­ple who use the Daily page.

tldr: would you feel bet­ter or worse if Events showed up in the daily feed? (for refer­ence, there seems to be roughly one event list­ing per two days)

(And, for peo­ple im­ple­ment­ing LW read­ers, would it be a prob­lem if events and meta posts ap­peared in the de­fault post view?)

Tech­ni­cal de­tails:

Cur­rently our de­fault view filters out meta posts, event posts, and posts as­so­ci­ated with a par­tic­u­lar com­mu­nity group. But, al­most all the ac­tual views we use on less­ don’t re­ally need that de­fault fil­ter­ing:

  • The cu­rated feed only in­cludes thing we man­u­ally put there (so it’s not es­pe­cially use­ful to filter out meta/​events/​group-de­scrip­tions, since we just wouldn’t put them there)

  • Same for frontpage

  • Same for sequences

  • The events view only shows events anyhow

  • User pro­files cur­rently aren’t show­ing events /​ meta /​ group posts, and this is ac­tu­ally a prob­lem – it means it’s harder for a user to find all their posts

  • Re­cent dis­cus­sion already de­liber­ately in­cludes all these things (but has to go out of it’s way to

The only two views where we ac­tu­ally would want to ex­clude things are in “All Posts” and “Daily”, which serve similar func­tions.

“Event” posts are lo­ca­tion-spe­cific and so aren’t as of­ten rele­vant to peo­ple, but also, if your pri­mary way of en­gag­ing with site is on /​daily, you might not oth­er­wise get to see events.

I’m cu­ri­ous if peo­ple who pri­mar­ily read daily would feel bet­ter or worse about Events get­ting in­cluded there. (Again, the fre­quency seems to be about 1 list­ing per two days)