Rationalist Town Hall: FTX Fallout Edition (RSVP Required)

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Stated at the top for emphasis: you have to fill out the RSVP form in order for me to email you the links.

On Sunday 27th November at 12 pm PT, I am hosting an online Town Hall on zoom, for rationalists and rationalist-adjacent folks (e.g. EAs) to think through the FTX catastrophe and propagate thoughts, feelings and updates.

Lots of people I know have been shocked by and are still reeling from the news these last 2 weeks. I’m very keen to hear what updates people are making about EA and crypto, and understand others’ perspectives.

Some people coming include Zvi Mowshowitz, Oliver Habryka, Anna Salamon, and more.

To get the Zoom and Gather Town links, fill out the RSVP form. I will send the links to everyone who fills out the form. The form involves agreeing that the event is off the record to the corporate news media, and all attendees will fill out the form.

What Will The Format Be?

Spontaneous lightning talks. During the event, anyone who wishes to can give a 3-minute talk on a topic of their choosing, followed by 2-mins of Q&A — it can be on something you’ve already thought about, or it can be a response to or disagreement with someone else’s lightning talk.

This is a format I’ve used before pretty successfully in both big (70 ppl) and small (7 ppl) groups, where we’ve gotten on a roll of people sharing points and also replying to each others’ talks, so I have hope that it will succeed online. (This format has also had other names like “Lightning Jazz” and “Propagating Beliefs”.)

We will do lightning talks for up to 1.5 hours (depending on how much steam people have in them), hopefully giving lots of people the chance to speak, and after that the main event will be over, and we’ll move to Gather Town to have group discussions (and those who are satisfied will go home).

If you wish to, you can submit for a lightning talk ahead of time with this Lightning Talk form.

Who is invited?

As well as Rationalists/​LessWrongers, I welcome any people to this event who are or have formerly been part of the EA community, people who have formerly worked for or been very close with FTX or Alameda Research, and people who have worked for or been funded in any way by the FTX Future Fund.

I hereby ask others to respect the Rationalist and EA communities’ ability to talk amongst themselves (so to speak) by not joining if you are not well-described by the above. For example, if you had not read LessWrong before the proposed FTX sale to Binance, this event is not aimed at you and I ask you not to come.


When? Sunday November 27th, 12:00PM (PT) to 14:00PM (PT).

Where? The Town Hall talks will happen in Zoom, then discussion will continue in a private Gather Town.

RSVP link? Fill out this RSVP form to get links. Everyone who fills out the form will get sent a link, I’ll send them out 24 hours before the event and then again ~60 mins before the event. You can also hit ‘going’ on the public Facebook event for the joys of social signaling, but also fill out the form so I can email you the links.