[Question] Hoarding Gmail-accounts in a post-CAPTCHA world?

You may have noticed that CAPTCHAs have become harder and harder. With the imminent advent of powerful multimodal AI, CAPTCHAS might soon be no longer be able to tell human from AI. The era of easy signup and free accounts might be at an end. It might consequently be much harder to get accounts set up and new cumbersome human-verification procedures may become the norm. Many current security protocols used in banking are already not AI-safe anymore.

One consequence would be that the internet might become less anonymous and less anonymous as accounts will have to be linked to real-world authentication. We already see a centralization of online identities around Google accounts.

A more interesting phenomena might be that accounts made before 2023 may become quite valuable. Does this mean you should stock up on gmail (and other internet services) accounts?

What do you think is the best way to prepare for a post-CAPTCHA world?

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