[New Feature] Support for Footnotes!

It is with great excitement[1] that I am pleased to announce that the main LessWrong text editor[2] now has support for footnotes![3] A huge thanks to our friends over at the Effective Altruism Forum who coded this one up.

You can insert footnotes via:

1. Manually selecting text in the text box and selecting insert footnote from the footnotes menu icon.

The footnote icon is the [*] on the right.

2. Using Markdown syntax

  • Type [^n] where is the number of the footnote you wish to insert.

  • To insert a new footnote, use n that is <number of existing footnotes + 1>; to reuse an existing footnote, set n to be whichever footnote you are reusing.

Footnotes will automatically renumber as you add and delete them!

What’s more, footnotes will render with hover-over previews once published:

Behold! A footnote hover-preview!

That’s it. Go forth and create scholarly works!

  1. ^

    I mean it, really. I’ve looked forward to us adding this support for years.

  2. ^

    That is, the LW Docs editor, as distinct from the Markdown editor and legacy Draft-JS editor.[4]

  3. ^

    The Markdown editor already had support for footnotes using Markdown footnote syntax.

  4. ^

    Yes, footnotes can have footnotes. And those footnotes can reference themselves.[4]