Google’s Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt: apparently a transhumanist

It makes a lot of sense for the Google peo­ple to be tran­shu­man­ist, with Sergey Brin and Larry Page work­ing with the Sin­gu­lar­ity Univer­sity, but still I was sur­prised to hear this on the new Colbert Re­port (of the 23rd of April):

Colbert: Can I live for­ever?
Sch­midt: Yes.
Colbert: Really?
Sch­midt: But not now. They need to in­vent some more medicine.
Colbert: So I can live for­ever, but later. So I just need to live long enough for later to be­come now.
Sch­midt: But your digi­tal iden­tity will live for­ever. Be­cause there’s no delete but­ton.
Colbert: On me?
Sch­midt: That’s cor­rect.
Colbert: That’s profound.

He seemed quite se­ri­ous, too.

I guess a lot of peo­ple would take tran­shu­man­ism more se­ri­ously if they heard the top peo­ple at Google are in. To me, I ac­tu­ally find it makes Google seem more trust­wor­thy. In-group psy­chol­ogy is weird.

Here’s an­other good in­ter­view with Eric Sch­midt. No ex­plicit tran­shu­man­ism, but some fairly in­tense plans en­tirely com­pat­i­ble with it.

(ed­ited: cor­rected ti­tle)