[Question] What exercises go best with 3 blue 1 brown’s Linear Algebra videos?

3 blue 1 brown is a youtube chan­nel that teaches math con­cepts. I’ve found it a much bet­ter in­tro­duc­tion than other re­sources I’ve looked at. The Essence of Calcu­lus se­ries was par­tic­u­larly good.

But one is­sue is that, while the videos come with a few ex­er­cises sprin­kled within (typ­i­cally one per con­cept), they don’t come with enough to re­ally check whether I un­der­stand a thing.

Last year I tried bing­ing the chan­nel but kept run­ning into is­sues where I’d want to do ad­di­tional prac­tice, so I’d try Khan Academy or Brilli­ant.org. But it felt like the ex­er­cises were in­tro­duc­ing con­cepts in a fairly differ­ent or­der, or with­out us­ing the same metaphors/​​ex­pla­na­tions/​​key­words that 3-blue-1-brown was. So it was hard to tell what ex­er­cises cor­re­sponded with what. (Brilli­ant.org was bet­ter over­all than Khan Academy but still felt like a com­pletely differ­ent les­son plan, with some­what less-good-ex­pla­na­tions)

Even­tu­ally, bounc­ing be­tween brilli­ant.org and 3 blue 1 brown re­sulted in me run­ning out of steam and giv­ing up.

I’ve emailed the cre­ator about it but even if they were ex­cited about it I imag­ine it’d be quite a while be­fore any­thing use­ful came of it.

I’d be gen­er­ally in­ter­ested in a pro­ject of crowd­sourc­ing ex­er­cises that cor­re­spond to in­di­vi­d­ual 3-blue-1-brown videos. Since I’m cur­rently try­ing to re-ig­nite my in­ter­est in the Lin­ear Alge­bra se­ries I thought I’d ask speci­fi­cally about that, al­though if peo­ple hap­pen to have cached thoughts about other se­ries that’d be cool.

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