“Shortform” vs “Scratchpad” or other names

Within the next day or two, we’ll be launching some features that give the “shortform” concept real infrastructural support. Shortform comments will appear on the All Posts page, on the new /​shortform page, and it’ll be easier to automatically generate a post to write shortform content.

The only potential issue is that, as “shortform” comments have gained traction… they… often aren’t especially short.

I’d kinda like to finalize the name before it goes live.

Currently the team is looking at “Scratchpad” as a name, intending to convey “this is a place you write early stage, off the cuff ideas without stressing too much about whether it should be a post.” Sometimes this turns out to actually be short, sometimes not. The main counterpoint right now is that scratchpad kinda implies a level of “ephemerality” or something that isn’t necessarily true either.

I’m particularly interested in feedback from people who’ve either already made a shortform feed (i.e. mr-hire, hazard, DanielFilan and others) if they have any opinions about this particular bikeshed.

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