[Question] What are some of bizarre theories based on anthropic reasoning?

Dooms­day ar­gu­ment and simu­la­tion ar­gu­ment are quite bizarre for most peo­ple. But these are not the only strange the­o­ries one can come up with when em­ploy­ing an­throp­ics.

Some ex­am­ples:

It is likely to have an un­usual high IQ.

Per­haps brain works in a way, that hav­ing high IQ cor­re­lates with some­thing that also causes more ob­server mo­ments. Hence there are more of high IQ ex­pe­rience in the world than that of low IQ.

Frag­ile universe

To­tal uni­verse de­stroy­ing phys­i­cal catas­tro­phes that ex­pands in speed of light (say false vac­uum col­lapse) could be very fre­quent. As much, as once ev­ery sec­ond. And it is only due to sur­vivor bias that we think uni­verse is sta­ble and safe. How would we know?

An­i­mals does not have consciousness

There are more an­i­mals than hu­mans on Earth. Still we find our­selves as hu­mans. Per­haps it is be­cause we only can be hu­mans, as only hu­mans have con­scious­ness.

We are stuck in­side in­finite loop

Lets as­sume simu­la­tion ar­gu­ment is cor­rect. Then we prob­a­bly ex­ist in­side simu­la­tion, run by some soft­ware. All soft­ware have bugs. One of the bugs soft­ware some­times have is get­ting it­self in an in­finite loop. Biggest amount of ex­pe­rience com­puted by this soft­ware then could pos­si­bly be in­side this in­finite loop.