March 24th: Daily Coronavirus Link Updates

As part of the LessWrong Coron­avirus Link Database, Ben, Eliz­a­beth and I are pub­lish­ing up­date posts with all the new links we are adding each day that we ranked a 3 or above in our im­por­tance rank­ings. Here are all the top links that we added yes­ter­day (March 24th), by topic.

You can find the full database here: https://​​www.less­​​coro­n­avirus-link-database


Dash­board with es­ti­mates and pre­dic­tions of true prevalence

A dash­board that gives you es­ti­mates for cur­rent prevalence by coun­try, as well as pre­dic­tions for the fu­ture based on vary­ing amounts of miti­ga­tion.


What will the eco­nomic effects of quaran­tine be?

LW at­tempts to pre­dict what the effects of a short or long quaran­tine will be

Med­i­cal System

Fl­ex­port CEO ex­plains why scal­ing PPE is hard

Out­lines the difficul­ties in scal­ing, in­clud­ing QA and le­gal issues


Sto­ries of C19 layoffs

Red­dit thread of peo­ple who lost their jobs due to coro­n­avirus or quarantine

Spread & Prevention

Re­view of mask efficacy

They’re use­ful but the gains may be over­whelmed by any risk com­pen­sa­tion, and they need to be saved for medics

(EV) He left out a swath of stud­ies on mask use in mass gathering

LW Ad­vice Summary

A sum­mary of the best sug­ges­tions from the jus­tified prac­ti­cal ad­vice thread

Work & Donate

LessWrong C19 Agenda

A list of ques­tions we want an­swered to in­form fu­ture de­ci­sions, and as­sem­bly of an­swers as they’re created