[Question] What is the safe in-person distance for COVID-19?

I’m not sure where the 6′ num­ber comes from, and I’m skep­ti­cal it re­ally holds up as some­thing I’d be com­fortable main­tain­ing for an ex­tended pe­riod of time (If some­one with c19 coughed at me from 6′ away I would not feel very safe). I’m guess­ing the 6′ is more like a quick rule for peo­ple who are only in­ter­act­ing briefly.

How much does it mat­ter whether you’re up/​down­wind? I’ve heard con­flict­ing things about how air­borne it might be.

I’m in­ter­ested in this largely for “Okay, as­sum­ing we need to be care­ful about this for months at a time, what sort of prac­tices could we use to main­tain in-per­son so­cial ties, in­definitely, with­out risk?” (i.e. go­ing on long walks, vis­it­ing each other’s house where 1-2 peo­ple hang out in the street or side­walk and house denizens hang out on the porch, etc)

I’m guess­ing this has sep­a­rate an­swers for “out­door” and “in­door.”

Cur­rent An­swers:

  • In­doors: Ba­si­cally it’s not safe.

  • Out­doors: 10 me­ters (30 feet) seems safe, if no­body is up­wind/​down­wind of each other. But I’m un­clear what the fal­loff range is.