LW Update 2019-03-12 -- Bugfixes, small features

We’ve de­ployed an up­dated ver­sion of LessWrong, with a bunch of bug fixes and small fea­tures added since last time (March 1).

Fea­tures and Changes

  • Auto-linkify URLs in posts and comments

  • Coau­thored posts ap­pear on your user pro­file page

  • Drafts that are shared with you ap­pear in the Drafts sec­tion of the user pro­file page

  • Nega­tive-karma change no­tifi­ca­tions don’t use red color

  • Posts on the All Posts page have a menu on the right

Bug Fixes

  • Ad­dress some com­pat­i­bil­ity is­sues with Opera Mini, Edge, and IE11

  • Re­move bro­ken New Users No­tifi­ca­tion and New Posts No­tifi­ca­tion settings

  • Table of Con­tents: Empty blocks can’t be headings

  • Re­move spu­ri­ous All Posts View set­ting from user pro­file page

  • Fix a vi­sual glitch dur­ing load­ing (SSR) of the all-posts page

  • Fix a bug where the RSS syn­chro­niza­tion cron job would some­times stop running

  • Don’t re­dun­dantly show the AF icon on al­ign­ment­fo­rum.org

  • Re­move a du­pli­cate Load More but­ton on the user pro­file page

  • Fix a crash in the Sun­sh­ine Side­bar with re­ports of already-deleted comments

  • Var­i­ous fixes to search indexing

  • Fix a se­cu­rity vuln­er­a­bil­ity that could re­veal un­pub­lished drafts

API Changes

  • Add lo­calS­tartTime and lo­calEndTime re­solvers to posts, which re­turn the time of a meetup in the time zone of the meetup lo­ca­tion (null if no lo­ca­tion speci­fied)


  • Clean up sequences

  • In­fras­truc­ture for val­i­dat­ing database con­tents against schemas

  • Op­ti­mize some slow mon­godb queries

  • Mi­gra­tion in­fras­truc­ture for deal­ing with de­nor­mal­ized fields

  • robots.txt now blocks crawlers from our test servers (no change on the main site)