Open Thread: How much strategic thinking have you done recently?

diego­caleiro wrote:

I’m tired of peo­ple never, ever, ever, EVER stop­ping 2 hours to 1) Think of what their goals are 2)Check­ing if their cur­rent path leads to de­sired goals 3)Cor­rect­ing course and 4)Creat­ing a sys­tem to ver­ify, in the fu­ture, whether goals are be­ing achieved. I’m re­ally tired of that. Really.

… so we may want to re­mind and en­courage each other to do so, and ex­change tips!

  • Have you thought about your life goals re­cently?

  • Do you know what your long-term and medium-term goals are?

  • If you’re fac­ing big prob­lems or an­noy­ances, have you thought of ways of solv­ing them?

  • Do you have a sys­tem you use reg­u­larly that pushes you in the right di­rec­tion?

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