Announcing the DWATV Discord

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I have decided this blog should at least experiment with having a discord server, so I made one. I kept it simple. There’s a few channels for the things the blog tends to be interested in – games, rationality, Covid – along with places to ask about suggesting future post topics, hiring me to do consulting, share links I might want to include in future posts or suggesting we meet up for lunch if you’re going to be in Manhattan.

There’s also a room called Zvi-asks-questions, where people who want to be helpful can help find answers to stuff, either for the blog or otherwise. As I move into new areas, especially to the extent I start looking at politics and policy, that’s going to become more valuable. Plan is I’ll experiment with questions both personal and blog related and see what happens, everyone’s always free to ignore.

That’s the core philosophy here, try stuff and see what happens. I figure the worst realistic case is it turns out all this is a bad idea, wastes a bit of time and turns into a ghost town, in which case not much is lost, or it could turn out really well. Worth a shot.

The roles are friend for people I know, subscriber for subscribers to Substack (Patreon at $10/​month or more also counts), and collaborator for those I am working with. There’s general channels for them but mostly I figure people should get to use cool colors cause why not. If you want a role, you can message me to request it, including ID/​email as appropriate so I know who you are.

The invite is here.