[Question] How to get nerds fas­ci­nated about mys­te­ri­ous chronic ill­ness re­search?

riceissa27 May 2024 22:58 UTC
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[Question] Is CDT with pre­com­mit­ment enough?

martinkunev25 May 2024 21:40 UTC
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[Question] Invit­ing dis­cus­sion of “Beat AI: A con­test us­ing philo­soph­i­cal con­cepts”

David James29 May 2024 11:55 UTC
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[Question] What’s a bet­ter term now that “AGI” is too vague?

Seth Herd28 May 2024 18:02 UTC
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[Question] Quan­tized vs. con­tin­u­ous na­ture of qualia

notfnofn15 May 2024 12:52 UTC
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[Question] Re­la­vant con­sid­er­a­tions on hu­man he­do­nis­tic limits?

Anirandis28 May 2024 15:23 UTC
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[Question] Are most peo­ple deeply con­fused about “love”, or am I miss­ing a hu­man uni­ver­sal?

SpectrumDT23 May 2024 13:22 UTC
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[Question] Why would Squig­gle Max­i­mizer (formerly “Paper­clip max­i­mizer”) pro­duce sin­gle pa­per­clip?

Donatas Lučiūnas27 May 2024 16:30 UTC
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[Question] How effec­tive are tul­pas?

Evenflair9 Mar 2020 17:35 UTC
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[Question] How do you feel about LessWrong these days? [Open feed­back thread]

jacobjacob5 Dec 2023 20:54 UTC
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[Question] Who does the art­work for LessWrong?

ektimo26 May 2024 5:55 UTC
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[Question] What should the norms around AI voices be?

ChristianKl25 May 2024 6:29 UTC
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[Question] Is there an idiom for bond­ing over shared tri­als/​trauma?

CstineSublime26 May 2024 1:18 UTC
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[Question] SAE sparse fea­ture graph us­ing only resi­d­ual layers

crayhippo23 May 2024 13:32 UTC
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[Question] What does Eliezer Yud­kowsky think of the mean­ing of life now?

metaqualia11 Apr 2024 18:36 UTC
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[Question] Re­quest for com­ments/​opinions/​ideas on safety/​ethics for use of tool AI in a large health­care sys­tem.

bokov24 May 2024 20:53 UTC
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[Question] Which skin­care prod­ucts are ev­i­dence-based?

Vanessa Kosoy2 May 2024 15:22 UTC
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[Question] What would stop you from pay­ing for an LLM?

yanni kyriacos21 May 2024 22:25 UTC
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[Question] Should we be con­cerned about eat­ing too much soy?

ChristianKl22 May 2024 12:53 UTC
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[Question] Which in­vest­ments for al­igned-AI out­comes?

tailcalled4 Jan 2024 13:28 UTC
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