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Test­ing PaLM prompts on GPT3

Yitz6 Apr 2022 5:21 UTC
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[Question] Con­vince me that hu­man­ity is as doomed by AGI as Yud­kowsky et al., seems to believe

Yitz10 Apr 2022 21:02 UTC
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[Linkpost] Solv­ing Quan­ti­ta­tive Rea­son­ing Prob­lems with Lan­guage Models

Yitz30 Jun 2022 18:58 UTC
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[Question] What’s the con­tin­gency plan if we get AGI to­mor­row?

Yitz23 Jun 2022 3:10 UTC
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[Question] Con­vince me that hu­man­ity *isn’t* doomed by AGI

Yitz15 Apr 2022 17:26 UTC
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The Prob­lem With The Cur­rent State of AGI Definitions

Yitz29 May 2022 13:58 UTC
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Null-box­ing New­comb’s Problem

Yitz13 Jul 2020 16:32 UTC
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[Question] What could one do with truly un­limited com­pu­ta­tional power?

Yitz11 Nov 2020 10:03 UTC
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[Question] What are some low-cog­ni­tive -work­load tasks that can help im­prove the world?

Yitz1 Mar 2022 17:47 UTC
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God and Moses have a chat

Yitz17 Jun 2020 18:34 UTC
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Pos­i­tive out­comes un­der an un­al­igned AGI takeover

Yitz12 May 2022 7:45 UTC
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