Michaël Trazzi

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Should an AGI build a telescope to spot in­ter­galac­tic Seg­ways?

Michaël Trazzi28 Apr 2018 21:55 UTC
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A Lo­gi­cian, an En­trepreneur, and a Hacker, dis­cussing Intelligence

Michaël Trazzi1 May 2018 20:45 UTC
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Are you Liv­ing in a Me-Si­mu­la­tion?

Michaël Trazzi3 May 2018 22:02 UTC
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Beliefs: A Struc­tural Change

Michaël Trazzi6 May 2018 13:40 UTC
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Bet­ter De­ci­sions at the Supermarket

Michaël Trazzi7 May 2018 22:32 UTC
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