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Ten Modes of Cul­ture War Discourse

jchan31 Jan 2024 13:58 UTC
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On the proper date for sols­tice celebrations

jchan20 Oct 2023 13:55 UTC
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Proof of pos­te­ri­or­ity: a defense against AI-gen­er­ated misinformation

jchan17 Jul 2023 12:04 UTC
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[Question] What is some un­nec­es­sar­ily ob­scure jar­gon that peo­ple here tend to use?

jchan12 Jul 2023 13:52 UTC
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Through a panel, darkly: a case study in in­ter­net BS detection

jchan2 Jul 2023 13:40 UTC
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Sols­tice song: Here Lies the Dragon

jchan26 Dec 2022 16:08 UTC
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