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I grew up in Russia, not in Silicon Valley, so I didn’t know the other “people in our cluster”, and unfortunately I didn’t like to read, so I’m not familiar with many of the obvious background facts. 5 years ago I read HPMoR, but unfortunately not sequences, I read them only a couple of years ago and then only the part that was translated into Russian, in English I could not read fluently enough, but then I noticed that Google Translate began to cope with a much better translation than before, and in most cases produces a readable text from English into Russian, so that I could finally read the “Sequences” to the end and generally begin to read and write in Lesswrong.

Now I write here in “Short Forms” any thoughts that I have not seen anyone else express, but since I have not read many books, many concepts are probably expressed somewhere else by someone before me, I just do not saw, in that case it would be desirable to add a link there in the comments. Unfortunately, I have many thoughts that I wrote down even before lessvrong, but rather than re-reading and editing them, it’s easier for me to write again, so many such thoughts lie unpublished, and since even at least I wrote down my thoughts far from births, then even more of them are not even recorded anywhere except in my head, however, again, if I stumble upon them again, I will try to write them down and publish them.