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[Question] Are there any good ways to place a bet on Rad­i­calXChange and/​or re­lated ideas/​mechanisms tak­ing off in a big way? e.g. is there some­thing to in­vest $$$ in?

capybaralet17 Apr 2021 6:58 UTC
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[Question] What does vac­cine effec­tive­ness as a func­tion of time look like?

capybaralet17 Apr 2021 0:36 UTC
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[Question] How many micro­morts do you get per UV-in­dex-hour?

capybaralet30 Mar 2021 17:23 UTC
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AI x-risk re­duc­tion: why I chose academia over industry

capybaralet14 Mar 2021 17:25 UTC
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“Beliefs” vs. “No­tions”

capybaralet12 Mar 2021 16:04 UTC
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