Trans­for­ma­tive AI

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Transformative AI is “[...] AI that precipitates a transition comparable to (or more significant than) the agricultural or industrial revolution.”[1] Unlike the related terms Superintelligent AI and Artificial General Intelligence, which refer to specific capabilities the AI may have, Transformative AI refers to the effects the AI would have on humanity’s well-being; through impacting the global economy, state power, international security, etc.

Holden Karnofsky gives a more detailed definition in an OpenPhil 2016 post:

[...] Transformative AI is anything that fits one or more of the following descriptions (emphasis original):

  • AI systems capable of fulfilling all the necessary functions of human scientists, unaided by humans, in developing another technology (or set of technologies) that ultimately becomes widely credited with being the most significant driver of a transition comparable to (or more significant than) the agricultural or industrial revolution. Note that just because AI systems could accomplish such a thing unaided by humans doesn’t mean they would; it’s possible that human scientists would provide an important complement to such systems, and could make even faster progress working in tandem than such systems could achieve unaided. I emphasize the hypothetical possibility of AI systems conducting substantial unaided research to draw a clear distinction from the types of AI systems that exist today. I believe that AI systems capable of such broad contributions to the relevant research would likely dramatically accelerate it.

  • AI systems capable of performing tasks that currently (in 2016) account for the majority of full-time jobs worldwide, and/​or over 50% of total world wages, unaided and for costs in the same range as what it would cost to employ humans. Aside from the fact that this would likely be sufficient for a major economic transformation relative to today, I also think that an AI with such broad abilities would likely be able to far surpass human abilities in a subset of domains, making it likely to meet one or more of the other criteria laid out here.

  • Surveillance, autonomous weapons, or other AI-centric technology that becomes sufficiently advanced to be the most significant driver of a transition comparable to (or more significant than) the agricultural or industrial revolution. (This contrasts with the first point because it refers to transformative technology that is itself AI-centric, whereas the first point refers to AI used to speed research on some other transformative technology.)

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