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Squiggle is a special-purpose programming language for probabilistic estimation. Think: Guesstimate as a programming language.” Squiggle is free and open-source.

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Overarching goals

Squiggle is not

Models vs estimation functions

The world is made of complex models, but we want answers to simpler questions—what is the most pressing thing to work on? How do we reduce risk? What am I going to have for lunch?

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Squig­gle: Why and how to use it

brook31 Jan 2023 12:37 UTC
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Squig­gle: An Overview

ozziegooen24 Nov 2020 3:00 UTC
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Squig­gle: Tech­ni­cal Overview

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What is es­ti­ma­tional pro­gram­ming? Squig­gle in context

Quinn12 Aug 2022 18:39 UTC
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Ad­just­ing prob­a­bil­ities for the pas­sage of time, us­ing Squiggle

NunoSempere23 Oct 2020 18:55 UTC
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Mul­ti­vari­ate es­ti­ma­tion & the Squig­gly language

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An­nounc­ing Squig­gle: Early Access

ozziegooen3 Aug 2022 19:48 UTC
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Mak­ing bet­ter es­ti­mates with scarce information

Stan Pinsent22 Mar 2023 17:40 UTC
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