Log­i­cal Induction

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Logical Induction is a formal theory of reasoning under logical uncertainty, developed by Scott Garrabrant and other researchers. Rationality is defined through a prediction-market analogy. High-quality beliefs are those which are computationally difficult to win bets against. The writeup can be found here.

An In­tu­itive Guide to Garrabrant Induction

Mark Xu3 Jun 2021 22:21 UTC
122 points
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What Would I Do? Self-pre­dic­tion in Sim­ple Algorithms

Scott Garrabrant20 Jul 2020 4:27 UTC
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Mar­kets are Univer­sal for Log­i­cal Induction

johnswentworth22 Aug 2019 6:44 UTC
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Toward a New Tech­ni­cal Ex­pla­na­tion of Tech­ni­cal Explanation

abramdemski16 Feb 2018 0:44 UTC
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Rad­i­cal Probabilism

abramdemski18 Aug 2020 21:14 UTC
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Log­i­cal in­duc­tion for soft­ware engineers

Alex Flint3 Dec 2022 19:55 UTC
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His­tory of the Devel­op­ment of Log­i­cal Induction

Scott Garrabrant29 Aug 2018 3:15 UTC
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Com­put­er­phile dis­cusses MIRI’s “Log­i­cal In­duc­tion” paper

Parth Athley4 Oct 2018 16:00 UTC
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Re­lat­ing HCH and Log­i­cal Induction

abramdemski16 Jun 2020 22:08 UTC
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A mea­sure-the­o­retic gen­er­al­iza­tion of log­i­cal induction

Vanessa Kosoy18 Jan 2017 13:56 UTC
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[Question] Log­i­cal in­duc­tors in mul­ti­stable situ­a­tions.

Donald Hobson3 Jan 2019 23:56 UTC
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The set of Log­i­cal In­duc­tors is not Convex

Scott Garrabrant27 Sep 2016 9:05 UTC
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Log­i­cal In­duc­tors that trust their limits

Scott Garrabrant20 Sep 2016 23:17 UTC
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Log­i­cal un­cer­tainty and Math­e­mat­i­cal uncertainty

AlexMennen26 Jun 2018 1:08 UTC
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Rad­i­cal Prob­a­bil­ism [Tran­script]

26 Jun 2020 22:14 UTC
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Log­i­cal In­duc­tion with in­com­putable sequences

AlexMennen17 Aug 2017 0:39 UTC
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Op­ti­miz­ing ar­bi­trary ex­pres­sions with a lin­ear num­ber of queries to a Log­i­cal In­duc­tion Or­a­cle (Car­toon Guide)

Donald Hobson23 Jul 2020 21:37 UTC
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In Log­i­cal Time, All Games are Iter­ated Games

abramdemski20 Sep 2018 2:01 UTC
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Log­i­cal Uncer­tainty as Probability

gRR29 Apr 2012 22:26 UTC
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Asymp­totic Log­i­cal Uncer­tainty: Con­crete Failure of the Solomonoff Approach

Scott Garrabrant22 Jul 2015 19:27 UTC
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Bounded Or­a­cle Induction

Diffractor28 Nov 2018 8:11 UTC
25 points
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Two Ma­jor Ob­sta­cles for Log­i­cal In­duc­tor De­ci­sion Theory

Scott Garrabrant17 Apr 2017 21:10 UTC
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Oc­cam’s Ra­zor and the Univer­sal Prior

Abundant Output3 Oct 2021 3:23 UTC
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Squeez­ing foun­da­tions re­search as­sis­tance out of for­mal logic nar­row AI.

Donald Hobson8 Mar 2023 9:38 UTC
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[Question] What hap­pens with log­i­cal in­duc­tion when...

Donald Hobson26 Mar 2023 18:31 UTC
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Asymp­totic De­ci­sion The­ory (Im­proved Wri­teup)

Diffractor27 Sep 2018 5:17 UTC
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Con­cep­tual Prob­lems with UDT and Policy Selection

abramdemski28 Jun 2019 23:50 UTC
60 points
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