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Fashion is a form of self-expression which involves clothing, footwear, lifestyle, accessories, makeup, hairstyle, and body posture. It can be used for signalling, and what is “fashionable” changes across history, cultures, and contexts.

Nice Clothes are Good, Actually

Gordon Seidoh Worley31 Jan 2023 19:22 UTC
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Why Real Men Wear Pink

Scott Alexander6 Aug 2009 7:39 UTC
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Slaves to fash­ion signaling

KatjaGrace5 Nov 2016 21:45 UTC
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A Ra­tional Ap­proach to Fashion

lionhearted (Sebastian Marshall)10 Oct 2011 18:53 UTC
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Cloth­ing For Men

Solnassant17 Jan 2019 0:23 UTC
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This week in fashion

Jan23 Jan 2023 17:23 UTC
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Op­ti­mal Clothing

Gordon Seidoh Worley31 May 2023 1:00 UTC
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What do bad clothes sig­nal about you?

Wei_Dai13 Jun 2011 17:48 UTC
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