ET Jaynes

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ET Jaynes is the author of Probability Theory: The Logic of Science.

Don’t be afraid of the thou­sand-year-old vampire

Ulisse Mini18 Apr 2022 1:22 UTC
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E.T. Jaynes Prob­a­bil­ity The­ory: The logic of Science I

27 Dec 2023 23:47 UTC
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Prob­a­bil­ity The­ory: The Logic of Science, Jaynes

David Udell16 Feb 2023 21:57 UTC
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Draft of Ed­win Jaynes’ “Prob­a­bil­ity The­ory: The Logic of Science” on­line, with lost chap­ter 30

buybuydandavis23 Jun 2012 5:48 UTC
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Help with a deriva­tion in chap­ter 18 of Jaynes PT:LoS?

alex_zag_al5 Sep 2013 20:55 UTC
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The cen­tral limit the­o­rem in terms of convolutions

Maxwell Peterson21 Nov 2020 4:09 UTC
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De­mys­tify­ing the Se­cond Law of Thermodynamics

Eigil Rischel22 Nov 2020 13:52 UTC
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Trust in Bayes

Eliezer Yudkowsky29 Jan 2008 23:12 UTC
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Prob­a­bil­ity the­ory im­plies Oc­cam’s razor

Maxwell Peterson18 Dec 2020 7:48 UTC
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The Gen­er­al­ized Product Rule

aysajan8 Jun 2021 16:39 UTC
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[Question] Jay­ne­sian in­ter­pre­ta­tion—How does “es­ti­mat­ing prob­a­bil­ities” make sense?

Haziq Muhammad21 Jul 2021 21:36 UTC
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[Question] Do Bayesi­ans like Bayesian model Aver­ag­ing?

Haziq Muhammad2 Aug 2021 12:24 UTC
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[Question] Halpern’s pa­per—A re­fu­ta­tion of Cox’s the­o­rem?

Haziq Muhammad11 Aug 2021 9:25 UTC
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[Question] Jaynes-Cox Prob­a­bil­ity: Are plau­si­bil­ities ob­jec­tive?

Haziq Muhammad12 Aug 2021 14:23 UTC
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[Question] Has Van Horn fixed Cox’s the­o­rem?

Haziq Muhammad29 Aug 2021 18:36 UTC
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[Question] Is LessWrong dead with­out Cox’s the­o­rem?

Haziq Muhammad4 Sep 2021 5:45 UTC
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Fre­quen­tist prac­tice in­cor­po­rates prior in­for­ma­tion all the time

Maxwell Peterson7 Nov 2020 20:43 UTC
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[Question] Why are prob­a­bil­ities rep­re­sented as real num­bers in­stead of ra­tio­nal num­bers?

Yaakov T27 Oct 2022 11:23 UTC
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Mir­a­cles and why not to be­lieve them

mruwnik16 Nov 2022 12:07 UTC
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The Logic of Science: 2.2

mpr21 Feb 2018 17:28 UTC
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E.T. Jaynes and Hugh Everett—in­cludes a pre­vi­ously un­pub­lished re­view by Jaynes of a pub­lished short ver­sion of Everett’s dissertation

buybuydandavis2 Jul 2012 4:49 UTC
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