De­mon Threads

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A Demon Thread is a discussion where everything is subtly warping towards aggression and confusion (i.e. as if people are under demonic influence), even if people are well intentioned and on the same ‘side.’ You can see a demon thread coming in advance, but it’s still hard to do anything about.

De­mon Threads

Raemon7 Jan 2018 3:48 UTC
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Tak­ing it Pri­vate: Short Cir­cuit­ing De­mon Threads (work­ing ex­am­ple)

Raemon22 Jan 2018 0:37 UTC
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Ap­peal to Con­se­quence, Value Ten­sions, And Ro­bust Organizations

Matt Goldenberg19 Jul 2019 22:09 UTC
45 points
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Change Con­texts to Im­prove Arguments

palladias8 Jul 2014 15:51 UTC
46 points
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