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Narrowly, deconfusion is a specific branch of AI alignment research, discussed in MIRI’s 2018 research update. More broadly, the term applies to any domain. Quoting from the research update:

By deconfusion, I mean something like “making it so that you can think about a given topic without continuously accidentally spouting nonsense.”

Strat­egy is the De­con­fu­sion of Action

ryan_b2 Jan 2019 20:56 UTC
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Clas­sifi­ca­tion of AI al­ign­ment re­search: de­con­fu­sion, “good enough” non-su­per­in­tel­li­gent AI al­ign­ment, su­per­in­tel­li­gent AI alignment

philip_b14 Jul 2020 22:48 UTC
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On MIRI’s new re­search directions

Rob Bensinger22 Nov 2018 23:42 UTC
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