Episode 1 of “Tsuyoku Naritai!” (the ‘becoming stronger’ podcast/​YT series).

The Kansas City Ra­tion­al­ists just had our first dojo meetup yes­ter­day. It was a suc­cess as far as first meet­ings go; we had great at­ten­dance, in­clud­ing a cou­ple non-ra­tio­nal­ists. We are us­ing the ‘Ham­mer­time’ se­quence as our con­tent.

I am mak­ing a se­ries of vlog posts/​pod­cast epi­sodes de­tailing my per­sonal jour­ney through the se­quence, also for the benefit of oth­ers. I plan to ex­pand it as I learn and ex­pe­rience more.