[Question] What do the Charter Cities Institute likely mean when they refer to long term problems with the use of eminent domain?

Without us­ing em­i­nent do­main, a large chunk of the pos­si­ble fu­ture value goes to sur­round­ing land-own­ers who may have done lit­tle or noth­ing to cre­ate that value. It does not seem eco­nom­i­cally pos­si­ble to build a city that is cheap to live in with­out lock­ing the price of land down in some way, at some point. It is not ob­vi­ous how to do this well, but em­i­nent do­main seems to be a nec­es­sary com­po­nent of it. If even fairly ru­ral land starts out pre-spec­u­lated, there is no hope, there is a value/​liv­abil­ity value that cities can­not ever rise above.

Ap­par­ently, the Char­ter Cities In­sti­tute for all their dreams, does not dream of tran­scend­ing that limit any time soon. They seem to dis­agree with the use of em­i­nent do­main completely

From their FAQ

How do you min­i­mize the risk of char­ter city de­vel­op­ers us­ing em­i­nent do­main to se­cure land?
The Char­ter Cities In­sti­tute will never be­come in­volved with a pro­ject that takes land from its right­ful [weasel words?] own­ers. Gen­er­ally, char­ter cities are decades long pro­jects. As such, we en­courage de­vel­op­ers to take long term per­spec­tives. While em­i­nent do­main might save money in the short run, it dele­gi­t­imizes the char­ter city and sets up a host of prob­lems later on.

Does any­one know what they’re talk­ing about? A search of their site didn’t turn up any­thing.