The map of quantum (big world) immortality

The main idea of quan­tum (the name “big world im­mor­tal­ity” may be bet­ter) is that if I die, I will con­tinue to ex­ist in an­other branch of the world, where I will not die in the same situ­a­tion.

This map is not in­tended to cover all known top­ics about QI, so I need to clar­ify my po­si­tion.

I think that QI may work, but I put it as Plan D for achiev­ing im­mor­tal­ity, af­ter life ex­ten­sion(A), cry­on­ics(B) and digi­tal im­mor­tal­ity(C). All plans are here.

I also think that it may be proved ex­per­i­men­tally, namely that if I turn 120 years or will be only sur­vivor in plane crash I will as­sign higher prob­a­bil­ity to it. (But you should not try to prove it be­fore as you will get this in­for­ma­tion for free in next 100 years.)

There is also noth­ing quan­tum in quan­tum im­mor­tal­ity, be­cause it may work in very large non-quan­tum world, if it is large enough to have my copies. It was also dis­cussed here: Shock level 5: Big wor­lds and modal re­al­ism.

There is noth­ing good in it also, be­cause most of my sur­vived branches will be very old and ill. But we could use QI to work for us, if we com­bine it with cry­on­ics. Just sign up for it or have an idea to sign up, and most likely you will find your self in sur­vived branch where you will be re­s­ur­rected af­ter cryosta­sis. (The same is true for digi­tal im­mor­tal­ity—record more about your self and fu­ture FAI will re­s­ur­rect you, and QI rises chances of it.)

I do not buy “mea­sure” ob­jec­tion. It said that one should care only about his “mea­sure of ex­is­tence”, that is the num­ber of all branches there he ex­ists, and if this num­ber diminish, he is al­most dead. But if we take an ex­am­ple of a book, it still ex­ist un­til at least one copy of it ex­ist. We also can’t mea­sure the mea­sure, be­cause it is not clear how to count branches in in­finite uni­verse.

I also don’t buy eth­i­cal ob­jec­tion that QI may lead un­sta­ble per­son to suicide and so we should claim that QI is false. I think that ra­tio­nal un­der­stand­ing of QI is that it or not work, or will re­sult in se­vere in­juries. The idea of soul ex­is­tence may re­sult in much stronger temp­ta­tion to suicide as it at least promise an­other bet­ter world, but I never heard that it was hid­den be­cause it may re­sult in suicide. Reli­gions try to stop suicide (which is log­i­cal in their premises) by adding ad­di­tional rule against it. So, QI it­self is not pro­mot­ing suicide and per­sonal in­sta­bil­ity may be the main course of suici­dal ideation.

I also think that it is noth­ing ex­traor­di­nary in QI idea, and it adds up to nor­mal­ity (in im­me­di­ate sur­round­ings). We all already wit­ness to ex­am­ples of similar ideas. That is the an­thropic prin­ci­ple and the fact that we found our­selves on hab­it­able planet while most planets are dead. And the fact that I was born, but not my billions po­ten­tial siblings. Sur­vival­ship bias could ex­plain find­ing one self in very im­prob­a­ble con­di­tions and QI is the same idea pro­jected in the fu­ture.

The pos­si­bil­ity of big world im­mor­tal­ity de­pends on size of the world and of na­ture of “I”, that is the per­sonal iden­tity prob­lem solu­tion. This table show how big world im­mor­tal­ity de­pends on these two vari­ables. YES means that big world im­mor­tal­ity will work, NO means that it will not work.

Both vari­ables are un­known to us cur­rently. Sim­ply speak­ing, QI will not work if (ac­tu­ally ex­ist­ing) world is small or if per­sonal iden­tity is very frag­ile.

My apri­ori po­si­tion is that quan­tum mul­ti­verse and very big uni­verse are both true, and that in­for­ma­tion is all you need for per­sonal iden­tity. This po­si­tion is most sci­en­tific one, as it cor­re­late with cur­rent com­mon knowl­edge about Uni­verse and mind. If I could bet on the­o­ries, I would bet on it 50 per cent, and 50 per cent on all other com­bi­na­tion of the­o­ries.

Even in this case QI may not work. It may work tech­ni­cally, but be­come un­mea­surable, if my mind will suffer so much dam­age that it will be un­able to un­der­stand that it works. In this case it will be com­pletely use­less, the same way as sur­vival of atoms from which my body is com­posed is mean­ingless. But this maybe ob­jected, if we say that only my copies that re­mem­ber that me is me should be counted (and such copies will surely ex­ist).

From prac­ti­cal point of view QI may help if ev­ery­thing failed, but we can’t count on it as it com­pletely un­pre­dictable. QI should be con­sid­ered only in con­text of other world-chang­ing ideas, that is simu­la­tion ar­gu­ment, dooms­day ar­gu­ment, fu­ture strong AI.