2020 LessWrong Demographics Survey Results

Thank you to ev­ery­one who par­ti­ci­pated! You can see the origi­nal post here, but the sur­vey is now closed. Here are the re­sults:

Google forms re­sults: https://​​docs.google.com/​​forms/​​d/​​e/​​1FAIpQLSfHJtg9ju6cCDl7T1PZvuBC9aIYIEN4Qb_MoQFPa9iMkUIFLQ/​​viewanalytics

Copy of the origi­nal sur­vey (to view the ques­tions in con­text): https://​​docs.google.com/​​forms/​​d/​​e/​​1FAIpQLSfBt1l3XBCZHx8DTJhWWTSK_bH7Tw6W4PdYYLKmMy­plt1k0Ag/​​viewform

[Any­one want­ing to re­vive the old (larger) an­nual LW-sur­veys can con­tact me if they need help/​fund­ing.]