Group Rationality Diary, February 1-14

This is the pub­lic group ra­tio­nal­ity di­ary for Fe­bru­ary 1-14. Now that you’ve down­voted it, and you know who you are, please iden­tify and ex­plain your­self.

It’s a place to record and chat about it if you have done, or are ac­tively do­ing, things like:

  • Estab­lished a use­ful new habit

  • Ob­tained new ev­i­dence that made you change your mind about some belief

  • De­cided to be­have in a differ­ent way in some set of situations

  • Op­ti­mized some part of a com­mon rou­tine or cached behavior

  • Con­sciously changed your emo­tions or af­fect with re­spect to something

  • Con­sciously pur­sued new valuable in­for­ma­tion about some­thing that could make a big differ­ence in your life

  • Learned some­thing new about your be­liefs, be­hav­ior, or life that sur­prised you

  • Tried do­ing any of the above and failed

Or any­thing else in­ter­est­ing which you want to share, so that other peo­ple can think about it, and per­haps be in­spired to take ac­tion them­selves. Try to in­clude enough de­tails so that ev­ery­one can use each other’s ex­pe­riences to learn about what tends to work out, and what doesn’t tend to work out.

Thanks to cata for start­ing the Group Ra­tion­al­ity Diary posts, and to com­menters for par­ti­ci­pat­ing.

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