[Question] Are there good classes (or just articles) on blog writing?

I’ve been writing a blog for a long time, and I think the articles that actually get posted tend to be decent. Unfortunately, I have a lot of articles that never make it past the draft (or even outlining) stages. It seems like once I get past a certain level of complexity I just get lost. I have trouble deciding how to structure posts (or whether I should split them into a series), and I’m terrible at writing introductions and conclusions. I’m also not particularly good at headlines, although I consider this a less-important problem.

Are there good articles /​ books /​ classes on how to do this, ideally with well-chosen practice (“Outline articles on these topics”, “Write an article on this topic”, “Write an introduction for this post?”, etc)? I would be willing to pay money for this if it’s good enough, especially if I had access to someone who could review my work and give suggestions.

I assume one method of doing this is “practice until you get good at it”. I’ve occasionally just forced myself to write something and then post it, but I almost always end up deleting these posts because they’re not up to my standards, and I feel like they don’t count as “deliberate practice” because I can tell that something is wrong with them but I don’t have the experience to know what it is.

I’ve been looking through SkillShare and other things I’ve found via searches, but they also seem to skip over the “actually writing an article” step and focus on things I don’t need help with, like:

  • I don’t need to setup my blog (I already have one)

  • I don’t need help with SEO

  • I don’t care about monetization right now

  • I already have ideas for articles