If there IS alien super-inteligence in our own galaxy, then what it could be like?

For a mo­ment lets as­sume there is some alien in­tel­li­gent life on our galaxy which is older than us and that it have suc­ceeded in cre­at­ing su­per-in­tel­li­gent self-mod­ify­ing AI.

Then what set of val­ues and/​or goals it is plau­si­ble for it to have, given our cur­rent ob­ser­va­tions (I.e. that there is no ev­i­dence of it`s ex­is­tence)?

Some ex­am­ples:

It val­ues non-in­terfer­ence with na­ture (some kind of hip­pie AI)

It val­ues cam­ou­flage/​stealth for it own defense/​se­cu­rity pur­poses.

It just cares about ex­ter­mi­nat­ing their cre­ators and noth­ing else.

Other thoughts?