[Question] If Rationality can be likened to a ‘Martial Art’, what would be the Forms?

In Mar­tial Arts, we have ‘forms’ that al­low us to prac­tice our skills when not with a part­ner or in ad­ver­sity. In Ra­tion­al­ity, I imag­ine that this would take the form of “brain teasers”, but speci­fi­cally re­gard­ing de­ci­sion the­ory, over­com­ing bi­ases, and calcu­lat­ing prob­a­bil­ities.

What are some things one can do to prac­tice Ap­plied Ra­tion­al­ity? Th­ese can take the form of thought ex­per­i­ments, web­sites, apps, pen-and-pa­per tools, etc.

Th­ese would ideally range from “easy to do within a cou­ple min­utes” to “you need to ded­i­cate a day to this”.