[Question] What job should I do?

I am a Phd student who has just submitted my thesis, and I am not sure what to do with myself, so I would like some advice on interesting jobs/​fields/​career paths to consider. I would welcome suggestions of particular roles or companies, some generic guidance, or pointers to other resources. I have included what I think is all the relevant information to my job search below, but I will happily provide more details/​clarification if needed.

  • Education: My undergrad was in Maths and Phd was in Computer Science (though it was more or less just pure maths). Throughout my studies I gravitated towards the abstract stuff rather than the practical (e.g. I have studied Statistics but haven’t used R, and have studied Category Theory but not used Haskell), though I am of course willing to learn the the right practical skills for a job. My Phd thesis was on some topics in Finite Model Theory.

  • I enjoyed the content of my Phd but I was not at all suited for the working environment (hence I have no interest in continuing with academia right now). In particular I found it isolating, and I struggled with self-direction with long, open-ended goals. I would like to work somewhere in future where I work as part of a team, and am provided clear goals and deadlines.

  • My priority is to find a job I find interesting and engaging. As noted above, I did enjoy the Maths I studied. What I have found to be most engaging as a hobby has been trading card games and board games.

  • I have lots of experience teaching (private tutoring, teaching undergrads, and summer schools) which I enjoyed. I also did some esports casting.

  • I only speak English.

  • My ideal location is New York, but I could be persuaded to go pretty much anywhere for the right job. I am a UK citizen, so I’d need to work for somewhere which sponsored visas if it was outside the UK.

Thanks for any advice or suggestions.