[Question] Is it worthwhile to save the cord blood and tissue?

My wife and I are ex­pect­ing a baby this May. I only re­cently learned about this, but ap­par­ently there is an op­tion to save the cord blood and tis­sue dur­ing the de­liv­ery. This seems po­ten­tially very use­ful, so I’m won­der­ing if any­one has done re­search into this or has found trust­wor­thy, in­for­ma­tive re­sources on this topic.

My cur­rent un­der­stand­ing is that this tis­sue has a lot of stem cells. And the stem cells are use­ful for all sorts of med­i­cal pro­ce­dures, and are even more likely to be used in the fu­ture. But cur­rently we don’t have an easy (or cheap?) way to get them.

Broad ques­tions I have:

  • How valuable are the stem cells right now and how valuable are they ex­pected to be in the fu­ture?

  • How hard is it to get stem cells for your­self /​ your child right now vs in the fu­ture?

  • Will the col­lected stem cells be only use­ful for the baby or the mother too?

  • Can we rea­son­ably ex­pect the cryo com­pa­nies to last long enough and not go un­der?

  • Have you had ex­pe­rience donat­ing it?

  • Have you had ex­pe­rience stor­ing it?