A low-probability strategy to elminate suffering via hostile takeover of a publically traded corporation

Hi Everyone,

I have an idea floating around in my head. A potential way to eliminate poverty, suffering, and irrationality for all human beings for all time.

As with all such ideas, you should treat such a claim with ENORMOUS SKEPTICISM.

Below are the possibilities, in order of decreasing probability:

1.) This idea won’t work (most likely)

2.) Someone has already thought of this and it’s currently being implemented or researched (possible; we have many intelligent people who spend their lives thinking about such things)

3.) This idea will work and literally no one has thought of it before (seems pretty unlikely to me, all things considered)

With that said, what would you sacrifice to eliminate all suffering for all humans for all time, with, say, a 1% chance of success? What about 10%? 50%? 0.01%?

I have no clue what the likelihood of success is for my idea. I have a strong degree of confidence it will succeed. I have had similar degrees of confidence about many other things and been totally wrong. I know that I have to deliberately lower my confidence in this strategy, I simply don’t know how low to go. 1%? 0.1%? Read the strategy yourself, and see how skeptical you are.

But in my opinion, low, or even very low, probability chances of eliminating all suffering for all time deserve serious consideration. I believe that there is a way to accomplish this goal, and that if we want to do so, we are going to have to consider a whole bunch of things that probably won’t work. And here is one of them.