[Personal Experiment] One Year without Junk Media

I wrote in a pre­vi­ous post how my life is bet­ter when I avoid cer­tain kinds of me­dia. It in­creases my hap­piness, low­ers my stress and makes me smarter.

I should fol­low my own ad­vice. I hereby com­mit my­self to ab­stain­ing from junk me­dia for one year.

There’s a long list of rules, defi­ni­tions and ex­cep­tions but the ba­sic idea is I’ll avoid videogames, news, Red­dit, web sur­fing, Hot Net­work Ques­tions and similar mind­less me­dia feeds. YouTube is spe­cial case. Mu­sic and dance videos are okay so I cre­ated a new YouTube ac­count and trained the recom­men­da­tion al­gorithm to recom­mend only these kinds of videos.

I’ve been ab­stain­ing from junk me­dia for in­creas­ingly long pe­ri­ods of time. My record is around two months. Now’s fi­nally the time to pull the trig­ger and go a whole year.

New Years re­s­olu­tions usu­ally fail so in­stead I’m start­ing this re­s­olu­tion on the 317th an­niver­sary of the 47 Ronin.