Florida Elections

I know people here are afraid of politics, but if my options are to vote with or without consulting a large group of people who think clearly, I’d rather choose the former.

I’m starting to research my positions for the Florida elections. I’m registered to vote in the Democratic Party’s primary, but I encourage conversations about the Republican primary’s (or independent) candidates as well.

What do y’all think in general about the Florida election?

What do you suggest I (and other Florida voters) read/​research?

What information is the most important/​ is a dealbreaker?

I’d prefer for the conversation to focus on the issues on the Florida ballot, so if you want to talk about issues on other states’ ballots, please create a new post instead of using this one.

Edit: I’ve been receiving downvotes for a reason I don’t know. I’m simply trying to start a conversation about an important topic! If you downvote please explain your reason why! LessWrongers usually have good reasons, so please share them. Right now it just looks like LessWrong disapproves of being informed voters.