[Question] How to decide to get a nosejob or not?

The affect heuristic suggests that being attractive has many subtle advantages, both in social and professional life. These advantages might be too subtle to notice at any one interaction, but they are important in aggregate. If getting rhinoplasty made me 5 percentile more attractive (say from 35th percentile to 40th, or 65th to 70th), over my entire life it might be worthwhile. Rhinoplasty in a low-healthcare-costs country might run just 3,000 USD, and to my knowledge is a one time expense which does not require repairs or updates.

How can I assess the value for money/​time? For one thing, asking people if you have a big nose is awkward and they would mostly lie. The doctors just want a sale, so they have the opposite incentives to lie. In any case, is there evidence in general that rhinoplasty actually makes people more attractive.

I have found one resources for this—https://​​www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/​​pmc/​​articles/​​PMC2691557/​​

(I suspect other ways of improving presentation, like buying neutral colored clothing and improving social skills are more cost effective, but am uncertain)