[Question] What are the gears of gluten sensitivity?

I’ve been having some weird health issues somehow triggered after eating. I’ve been working with a nutritionist. They recommend, among other things, trying to eliminate gluten some of the time on the idea that gluten puts stress on the digestive system and can expose other issues that the body would normally handle. This is something like a load-bearing model: the body bears the load of bad stuff coming in without issue up until it is overloaded and then you start to get weird symptoms as various systems strain to keep up with the load of bad stuff. The proposal is that gluten is one such bad stuff.

It’s hard to find anything useful on Google that might give me a good model of how gluten sensitivity would work or why gluten might matter in such a load-bearing model (or, stepping back, that such a load-bearing model is even reasonable).

On LW I only found this old post, which is useful but not enough detail.

So, does anyone have a gears-level model of gluten sensitivity? Links or explanations would be helpful as I try to evaluate what interventions might and might not be worth trying.