We transhumanists want immortality… But is it really possible?

An aspect I never saw coming up in a transhumanist discussion about immortality is: would we be able to handle it?

Can you just imagine living forever? I think everyone would go mad with so much “baggage”. Consciousness is tiring. We need sleep, and death seems to be a necessary final sleep, unfortunately.

So I’ve thought of a few ways to counter this, like for instance selective memory deletion. This could end up in a person only remembering, say, the first 100 years of their life, and the last day. So a person always feels like they have only lived 100 years and one day, though each new day is different.

But of course, we don’t even know if this is technologically possible, or if it would preserve (a coherent) personal identity. After all, each new day is connected to the previous one. As time tends to infinite it’s possible that memories also have to tend to infinite regardless of how much we “trim”.

Anyone has any thoughts on the matter? To me consciousness is a huge dilemma. To end feels horrible, to never end perhaps even more. Do you believe we’ll ever solve this problem?

(Do you also believe that it’s at least physically possible that AI or other advanced technology will resurrect every sentient being who ever lived, even those whose corpses are gone?)

Personally, I often suspect there is no way for consciousness to exist without eventually ceasing.